The background image on Robbie Robertson’s first solo album was a photo of Buffalo’s Central Terminal.

If you’re a fan of Americana music, you’re already aware that the world has lost Robbie Robertson.

The main songwriter in The Band, the creator of the original “Last Waltz” and a voice for indigenous issues in much of his music after  The Band, Robertson was a giant in our Americana world. His death on Aug. 9 marked the end of a life of creativity.

That’s why this month we’re including three pieces looking back at Robertson and his legacy, from three of Buffalo’s finest music writers: SAM Foundation Executive Director Jeff Miers, Buckwords columnist Buck Quigley and Buffalo Bob columnist Bob McLennan.

So sit back and enjoy the writing and the thinking, and maybe just add in some of your thoughts and stories either as comments on these pieces of on the SAM Foundation’s Facebook page.

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