Tadaaki Naganuma was the Paul McCartney in the Silver Beats, Japan’s premier Beatles tribute band. In more recent years, he’s found a welcoming stage on Amherst Street.

Tadaaki Naganuma

In fact, Tadaaki’s “All Things Beatles and Wings Rock Show” will be on the Sportsmen’s Tavern stage on Feb. 11, with our own Black Rock Beatles (Gene McManus, Frank Grizanti, Cathy Carfagna and Brandon Delmont) providing the rest of the band.

We decided to ask Tadaaki just what it is that keeps bringing him back to the Sportsmen’s, our local temple of American here in the Queen City.

Here’s what we found out (through an interpreter):

What is it that keeps bringing you back to the Sportsmen’s Tavern?

I consider sportsmen as my home in America. It is a great stage and the Hall family are very nice people. I also love Buffalo too!

The Sportsmen’s Tavern is known as an “Americana” club. What does Americana mean to you?

Basic music, roots music … folk and country western music.

The Beatles were English, but were inspired by American musicians. Who are your favorite performers from the early American rock’n’rollers?

Elvis and Chuck Berry.

Who are your favorite non-Beatles performers?

Tom Petty, Springsteen, CSNY, David Bowie.

What kind of mixture of songs will you be doing in the Buffalo show?

This show will be a mix of Beatles and Wings and some Paul McCartney solo work. Frank Grizanti will sing George Harrison and Geno McManus will sing mostly John Lennon Beatles songs.

What do you like about the Buffalo musicians you work with?

I am just grateful that the play with me, and support me. I love them all, and they are such great musicians!

How do you describe your American shows to your friends back in Japan?

I feel togetherness when I play in Buffalo and the audience shows it to me. I tell my friends that American audiences are very alive and full of energy and enthusiasm.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the audience here in Buffalo?

I am so happy to be able to come back after a long time. I am a bit anxious that people may have forgotten me since it has been three years. But I am ready to play and looking forward to seeing everyone at our show!

Tickets are available HERE.

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