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(Photos by Elmer Ploetz)

It’s been less than a month, but it seems like the world has changed … I guess because it has.

With that in mind, enjoy these photos from Szelestfest 6. It was a great day with Jimmy Calire playing and members of the Szelest family there to enjoy it with everyone else. We look forward to capturing that spirit again next year!

Elmer Ploetz

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  • Nancy says:

    Hi, great shots. Thanks for including some of the audience too. You took one of me taking a photo of Jimmy at the organ (I’m in the white top with the white covered iphone). That was such a great show… all the musicians were fabulous. One thing, I couldn’t find the arrow to look at the photos in the large version and just keep arrowing to the next one. I had to go down below to the thumbnails and then keep scrolling back up. Did I miss something?

    • Elmer Ploetz says:

      Thanks, Nancy.

      And thanks for the heads up on the gallery. We’re trying to figure out some things to make that work better.


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