Thuy and Norm Murray

Norm & Thuy Murray, married for 35 years, were in business together for most of that time. Now retired, they set up NickelCityCowboy, LLC, to cover any new business endeavors. (Since moving back to WNY from New Mexico, Norm has performed locally as The Nickel City Cowboy.)

Together they continue to devote countless hours and resources to local human service, veteran and other organizations. Thuy was responsible for the Silent Auction at the Red Cross’ Mash Bash for over a decade and together they ran the 20th and final Mash Bash in 2018. Along with Bob James, they are helping organize the upcoming October 24th fundraiser for the Veterans One-Stop Center being held at Sportsmen’s.

Norm first met Dwane Hall and Randy Bolam in the mid-70’s, and The Stone Country Band backed up Norm in 1991 on his educational recordings for the wood industry – “I’m A Tree” sold over 12,000 copies nation-wide.

“Sponsoring the SAMF was a natural combination of our friendship with Dwane, our love of music, and our addiction to Sportsmen’s Tavern. Educating and exposing a broader population, young and old, to the beauty and depth of Americana music is a great undertaking and worth our whole-hearted support.”

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