A Note from SAMF Executive Director Jeff Miers

We’re looking forward to a full summer of SAM Foundation activities, with some exciting announcements on the horizon!

In the meantime, a recent SAMF investment is bearing fruit as I write this.

For the past week, the musician, composer and Western New York native Bobby Previte has been in town, bringing his already road-tested Music 360 Improvisation Workshop to Buffalo, and offering a diverse group of musicians – diverse in age, skill-set and background – an opportunity to benefit from his several decades at the vanguard of improvisational music and ‘spontaneous composition.’

Through SAMF’s sponsorship, and a new partnership with Ed Cardoni and Steve Baczkowski of Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, the Previte Improvisation Workshop was able to be offered free-of-charge to qualifying applicants. These applicants have been working long days at Hallwalls, learning to listen to each other, benefitting from Bobby’s engaging abilities as an educator, and preparing for the finale of the Workshop – a live concert at The Cave on Thursday, May 9, beginning at 7 p.m.

I’ve been hanging out at the Workshop this week, watching as the assembled had their accepted musical tropes challenged and their musical universes expanded, witnessing as the group began morphing into a genuine musical ensemble, and learning an awful lot myself – about my own musical habits and preconceptions, and about what it means to truly listen and inhabit the musical moment.

During the Thursday, May 9 concert at The Cave, the Music 360 Improvisation Workshop Band will perform under the guidance of Previte, and will respond in real time to their fellow musicians’ thematic offerings, presented as “scores” that are more akin to a road-map of suggestions than to a strict set of musical notations. Following the Workshop Band’s performance, Previte and Hallwalls’ Baczkowski will duo improvisations, on drum set and saxophone, respectively.

These are the kinds of exciting opportunities that your support of the Sportsmen’s American Music Foundation makes possible for our broader community. SAMF is proud to have partnered with Bobby Previte and Hallwalls to make this happen. We hope to see you all at the concert on May 9!

Yours in music,

Jeff Miers

SAMF Executive Director

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