Sometimes you just have to take things to the next level.

That’s what we’re planning on doing with the JAM (The Journal of Americana Music) over the next few months.

We think we’ve been providing some great content over the last couple of years (Buck Quigley’s columns, Courtney Lennon’s stories and Paul Panzarella’s photos for example), but we’re pretty confident we can do even more.

With that in mind, in the next few months we’re going to be increasing our content, expanding our print run, expanding our distribution and switching up the design a bit.

We’re pretty excited about it, but it is going to be a big job. That means that we’ll be looking for help from our volunteer corps (distribution, for example) and looking for people to sell advertising.

We’ll be looking for people to write for us, as well, and maybe even people to provide some cartoons or art (I hope I can find the email for the person who approached me about that at the SAM Foundation festival last September!).

The new design is expected to debut with the May issue, so keep your eyes open.

If you’re interested in helping out or selling ads, contact me at

Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of what we’ve done with a collage of some of our favorite covers from the past year!

Elmer Ploetz
JAM editor


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