The SAM Foundation exists as a grassroots membership driven organization.  We’re able to achieve all that we do because of you being a member; many of you provide volunteer to help at our events and our very inexpensive membership dues help keep us going financially.

So I just want to remind you that it’s important that you extend your membership when it’s due.  Our store manager and membership coordinator Patty Niemiec sends out emails every month to everyone whose membership is expiring that month.

The dues have remained the same since the beginning of the Foundation, $35 per year, plus $15 more for a t-shirt or a hat.  However, we may not have brought it to your attention enough that we now have 2-year and 3-year membership options.  It’s two years for $60 or three years for $75.  You save some money, you don’t have to deal with the renewal every year and we have the stability of knowing you’ll be with us long -term.

Also, we’re offering a $25 per year membership to musicians.  We’d appreciate getting all the great performers we work so hard to support to be contributors to our organization.

You can join online at or come in the store on Tuesday or Friday evenings.  When you’re in the store, pick up some of our merch: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coozies, shot glasses, pint glasses, bluetooth speakers, and more items will be coming, along with a new and different shirt design.

Bob McLennan
SAM Foundation Board

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