Jessica Meditz

Welcome to our Spring 2021 intern, Jessica Meditz.

Jess is a senior at SUNY Fredonia, where she studies journalism and is editor-in-chief of The Leader, the college’s weekly student newspaper.

She’s a huge music fan and was previously life & arts editor for the paper.

Jess is also a little obsessed with Lana Del Rey, and that may just be finding its way into the JAM sometime this spring.

Jess is from Queens (near the Brooklyn county line), so she’s not exactly from the Americana heartland. But she’s willing to learn, and one of her story assignments for this spring is coming up with a working definition of Americana — what exactly is it anyway?

Meanwhile, we thought we’d start her off with something easy for a city girl, like Uncle Ben’s Remedy … heh, heh.

You can read Jess’ Uncle Ben’s Remedy story here.

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