McCarthyizm is one of Buffalo’s greatest bands and they play the Sportsmen’s Tavern the first Thursday of almost every month. This month’s show will be special, though, because it will be the album release show for the band’s new album, “St. Cecilia’s Serenade.” That’s tomorr0w – Thursday, June 2 – at 7 p.m.
“A generous helping of 1960’s garage & 1980’s underground rock with a healthy dose of roots and Celtic rock” is the description on their Facebook page, but that’s only the start of it.  Great original songs, brilliant covers of Steve Earle and others, traditional and inspired Celtic songs from the Pogues and more.  They’re a brilliant live band!
I’m very much looking forward to hearing their new album.  Next month we’ll do an album review and tell you a lot more about it.
Be there tomorrow night for the big event, it will be a great scene celebrating one of Buffalo’s best!
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