We lost our Ken today.

Kens contributions to the growth of Sportsmens from its humble beginnings cannot be measured by words alone. So much of what we are and do is due to the relationships Ken developed over the past two plus decades at Sportsmens. His legacy will continue to fill our stage night after night.

Ken was a lifelong friend to our family, not just to my parents and brothers, but to our extended family as well. He’s always been there, and his spirit will continue to be there.

Besides Kens passion for music, he loved his pets, beer and baking. When we weren’t talking shop, the topics of conversation almost always included our dogs, ice cold beer and a fruit filled cobbler. Tonight I may just skip the main course and wash down dessert with a cold beer.

Ken, it is nearly impossible to put so many years and memories into any words at all but the two words that are easiest to say is Thank You. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, your mentoring and advice, and your friendship and love. Few people outside of my family have had such a positive impact on what I do and what I will continue to do.

Sportsmens will do its best to honor what you have helped us to build. We are eternally grateful to you Ken.

Thanks to all of you that have sent messages and shared your thoughts and stories of Ken today.

Please keep Ken’s wife Patti and his family in your thoughts.

Jason Hall

Angela Hastings

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  • Tim Franczyk says:

    KB was always a friend to the Kensingtons! We will miss him and always appreciate his support.

  • Willie and Donna Potter says:

    The first time we met Ken was at an Asleep at the Wheel show 30+ years ago at the Tralf. He was wearing a Gram Parsons lapel pin so I figured he must be OK. Him and I became golf partners at Holiday Valley & hoisted plenty of beer before I quit drinking. We first learned of Sportsmen’s Tavern and the Hall family due to him. Farewell and rest easy old friend….

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