What would it be worth to you to get a chance to hear some of the Western New York music that has gone unreleased and under the radar over the past several decades?

This is just the editor of the JAM writing — not the board of the Sportsmen’s Americana Music Foundation — but I have a list of albums and songs in the back of my head that I would love to hear, to have in hard copy physical form.

The Pine Dogs’ Mighty Engines of Love CD, which was officially released.

For me, it starts with the Pine Dogs’ live show from LaSalle Park in the 1990s. I’ve only heard about it, I’ve never actually HEARD it. The story is that the group was opening for the Crash Test Dummies, who were recording it. The Crash Test Dummies let tape run through the Pine Dogs’ opening set and gave it to the Dogs. I need to hear that.

I have heard the Jacklords’ never officially released second album, but I would love to hear it in the best available quality — not just some MP3s I’ve downloaded off the internet.

I want to hear that first Flash album, and maybe some of the band’s later recordings when it went from a five-piece to a four-piece.

I have heard the Dillon & Brady album, and while it’s not my usually country-punk vibe, it’s damn good. You should be able to hear it too.

The JackLords’ first – and to this point only – LP, Mother’s Rock.

There are others out there, too, of course. Those are just a few.

So here’s the question … or list of questions:

What unreleased albums are you aware of that need to be out there?

Would you be willing to be part of a GoFundMe/Kickstarter kind of project kto get them issued on CD*?

How much would you be willing to contribute to that kind of project?

So here’s a link to my email: ploetz@fredonia.edu.  Let me know what you think.

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