In this newsletter, we will introduce the app!

We are still making changes to the app. We wanted to introduce it to all of you and get you familiar with how it works.

We will update members to changes in the app via newsletters and through the app itself.

The app will serve 3 purposes.

First, it a member rewards based program. Using the app properly will allow members to earn points that you can spend inside the app to get special offers given only to SAMF members.

Second, it will put live music in WNY at your fingertips. The app includes websites for most of the live music venues in the region for you to easily see what is going on around town.

Third, the app, as well as newsletters and the website, will keep you up to date with foundation information, projects, and special events. So please make sure you turn on push notifications when setting up the app on your mobile device.


A few important points before you get started with the APP.

1. If you have any problems or questions about the APP the contact for help is Or, if you have to, you can call Jay at 310-2020. Do not call Sportsmens Tavern or any of the board members. Email first and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. The APP is free to download but it is for members only. If you share with your friends, please instruct them to go to the website,, to sign up. People who download the APP who are not members will have accounts deactivated.

3. For corporate sponsors that have 4 memberships associated with your accounts, please send names and emails of members that you are adding so we do not delete them.

4. More will be added to the app soon. Rewards will come sooner, as well as more ways to earn them through Foursquare and Yelp. This is only the beginning!

The first thing members have to do is to get the app.

You can find it by searching for the Sportsmens AMF in the itunes app store, or the google play store, depending on which type of mobile device you have. Remember to select iphone search if your setting up on a device other than your mobile phone.

You should also be able to click the links below to find it.

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

If any of you are having problems downloading the app, please email


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