It’s summertime and venues all over WNY are offering even more live music than ever. Much of it is being offered via free admission; it’s the competition to get you in the door to support their business and build a base of regular customers to maintain a music scene.

There’s nothing wrong with that but remember a couple things: the venues that do charge a modest cover are doing that to help make sure the artists that we all depend on get paid fairly.   And when you’re attending a free show, look for the tip jar to express your appreciation for the musicians who devote so much time to rehearsing and performing for you.

There’s Live at Larkin, Music on Main in Williamsville, a Flying Bison music series, Cazenovia Park, the list could go on and on, but one of the best deals around is SAM Foundation Night at the Sportsmen’s Tavern.  The first Tuesday of every month, SAMF members get in free for The Twang Gang and that’s June 6, the day after you’re receiving this edition of The JAM.   In July, the first Tuesday is Independence Day with an outside, 2 p.m. show in Sportsmen’s Park, with special guests the Leroy Townes Band and McCarthyizm – again, free to members, $10 to others.

The SAM Foundation is offering nine different shows this month that members can possibly win a pair of free tickets to attend.   Some of these bands are more famous than others, but all these performers were selected for their quality and to offer a wide range of choices.  Look up the ones you are not familiar with and I’m confident many of you will think, “How have I not heard of this artist?”  Take a chance, get out to see bands you don’t necessarily know, both touring artists and many of the local musicians performing regularly throughout WNY.

To enter, you must send me an email at and tell me which shows you’d like to attend.  Please, only pick the ones you’re available for, and the winners will be notified via email.    The deadline is Wednesday, June 14, at 9 p.m.

Cruz Contreras                                                     June 18                               Sportsmen’s Tavern

Kevin Gordon                                                       June 21                               Sportsmen’s Tavern

Dave Keller Band                                                 June 23                               Sportsmen’s Tavern

Eric Gales                                                              June 25                               Babeville-Asbury Hall

My Morning Jacket                                             June 26                               Artpark

Jimmy Vaughan & The Tilt-A-Whirl Band       June 27                               Babeville-Asbury Hall

King Margo with Mike Brown                           June 30                               Babeville-9th Ward

Eilen Jewell                                                           July 9                                  Sportsmen’s Tavern

Bill Kirchen                                                          July 10                                 Sportsmen’s Tavern

Good luck to all of you.  Have a great summer!
Bob McLennan
SAM Foundation




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