What does a jazz manifesto have to do with Americana? Everything! All Jazz is Americana. This statement was mightily endorsed by Sportsmen’s Americana Music Foundation in 2018 while supporting “Jazz Impressions: 1968” a special retrospect of jazz concerts curated by drummer (of all genres), composer, band leader and educator, John Bacon. Yours truly and many other in-kind donors were not far behind to assist. That successful two-month endeavor was cranked by dedication, scholarly research, big picture thinkers, talent, sheer will and friendship – and, of course, sponsorship support from SAMF. The collaboration between SAMF and “Jazz Impressions” brought the best music educators in our region to conduct master classes for students. Jazz musicians even sat in on the entire gig with the Twang Gang; A SPIRIT LIFTING NIGHT! – all caps doesn’t come close to conveying the cool and warm vibe in the room.  Ask Dwane and Doug. 🙂

All that to say, I’m delighted SAMF Board member Angela Hastings invited me to share the announcement about a new TV show in the works called JAZZ SCENE BUFFALO. The show is a celebration of the fiery jazz talent here in Buffalo, now and from the past. In January, and under the aegis of WBBZ TV, a media release announced the planning partnership of JAZZ SCENE BUFFALO [media release] as an OFF BEAT CINEMA production on WBBZ TV. Since that release, independent scheduled airtime has been acquired; the producers and crew at WBBZ TV, three jazz bands of first call musicians, an audio engineer, a camera crew and technical director, Program Director John DiSciullo, me, and a group of invited friends gathered on Super Bowl Sunday morning (What other date would align for all these busy cats?) to tape the beating heart of the show – the music. An epic undertaking and only the first piece! By the time you read this, the JAZZ SCENE BUFFALO team will be busily getting all the other moving pieces together that goes into launching a TV show. A show with infinite possibilities that I think you will appreciate, if not love!

So MARK YOUR CALENDAR! May 5, 10:30 p.m. and join us from the coziness of your couch for the first episode of the series. We are here to add to the unified proclamation of music venues, events, podcasts, radio shows, and blogs – of all genres– Buffalo is a Music Town! Long may we twang, rock, and swing!

– JAZZ SCENE BUFFALO, Executive Producer, Constance Caldwell


Photo by Nancy Spector

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  • Michael Wesolek says:

    Thanks to all involved with this project .I will continue to support all music . As a member of Sports mens Americana foundation buffalo jazz collective I have learned to appreciate and love so many virities of music. Sincerely mike

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