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As most of you probably know Jerry Jeff Walker left this sphere on Oct. 23.

It hasn’t been a good year for music icons, and this is another one that hurt. But the good news is all the music he’s left behind over the years.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of great Jerry Jeff Walker songs (and no, he didn’t write all of these, but he did record them). What else should we add?


  1. Mr. Bojangles
  2. London Homesick Blues
  3. Gettin’ By
  4. Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother
  5. Pissin’ in the Wind
  6. Sangria Wine
  7. L.A. Freeway
  8. Charlie Dunn
  9. Hill Country Rain
  10. Desperados Waiting for a Train
  11. Navaho Rug

(BTW, did you know that Jerry Jeff did the first recording of “Trashy Women,” the song Confederate Railroad had the hit with?)

— Elmer Ploetz

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